We are in the mood for a conversation, says Russia ahead of Putin-Biden phone call

Ahead of the phone call between President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden, the Russian president’s spokesman said there is a “mood for a conversation” emphasising that differences can be resolved through talks.

“We are in the mood for a conversation, this is what we want,” Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

The White House had said earlier that President Biden is likely to offer a “diplomatic path” to President Putin in the ongoing crisis with Ukraine. Russia had recently conducted military drill as tensions continues to mount at the border.

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Meanwhile, amid tensions with Ukraine, Russia’s aerospace forces received an upgraded A-50U long-range surveillance aircraft.

The aircraft can detect new types of aircraft and has the ability to guide fighter jets towards targets. The aircraft is known as a “flying radar”.

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The aircraft can reportedly track targets on the ground including naval targets. The development comes as Russia and US prepare to open talks in Geneva on the Ukraine crisis on January 10.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have escalated in the past two months with the US administration pointing out that thousands of Russian troops have amassed at the border.

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President Putin has insisted that Russian troops have the right to move inside the country and has denied plans to invade Ukraine.

The Russian president said that there he is looking forward to “effective dialogue” with US President Biden as the two leaders get set to speak on the phone on Thursday. US president had threatened large scale sanctions against Russia during his last phone call with Putin if Russia attacked Ukraine.

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