Closing ceremony held for temporary Waukesha parade memorial, permanent spot to be determined

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) — The temporary Waukesha parade memorial is being decommissioned with a closing ceremony this morning, Wednesday, Dec. 29.

The memorial has been up for more than a month, and it has grown to become a symbol of hope for the community.

In a release, Mayor Shawn Reilly thanked the community for its support for the victims.

“The memorial has provided a place for the community to grieve and to come together to support those who lost loved ones and those who will be dealing with the physical and emotional trauma from the events of November 21 for many years to come,” said Reilly.

The plan is to move all of the items from the temporary memorial at Waukesha’s Veterans Park to a permanent location.

The Waukesha County Historical Society will curate and preserve the items for the future.

CBS 58 visited the memorial many times and spoke to many people, including one father, about its impact.

“Everyone does parenting differently, but I came down here just to teach my son the power of prayer, Pray for everybody, pray for everything that’s happened. Pray for everything, you know?” said Michael Plante. 

On January 18, the Waukesha Common Council will consider the creation of a permanent memorial commission. That Commission will work with city and community leaders to decide the best location for the memorial. 

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