Two local artists uniting to paint ‘diversity’ mural Anne Arundel Co. building

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — There will be another reason soon to visit our capital city.

Two local artist are painting a six-story tall mural on the Arundel Center in Annapolis. The theme of the mural will represent the diversity of the people and places of Anne Arundel County.

Comacell Brown Jr. is one of the artists picked to paint a mural on the side the Arundel Center. The other artist is Cindy Fletcher Holden.

The problem they have is to make this painting on a 100-foot long, 60-foot high wall.

“If you’re good at math, or if you’re like me who has an i-pad to be able to help out and see different things, it makes it a lot easier,” Brown said.

“And we would move the lift back and go ‘hum,’ a little change here and a little change there,” Holden said.

Both are local and have painted murals around the nation.

They were picked from a group of 39 artists.

The judges liked the scenic work of the county by Cindy and they liked the paintings of people that Comacell did.

So, they chose both.

The theme of the mural is “The Diversity of People and Places of Anne Arundel County.”

“Working with Comacell we get to tell stories about growing up,” Holden said. “You know, we have different life experiences, so it’s nice to share that.”

This mural is not just something just to look at, it will have some interactive features and something called Augmented Reality.

You point your camera at a QR code on the wall and download an app.

“You’ll look up like you are taking a picture of the mural and this is where the magic happens,” Brown said. “The mural will start moving. You’ll see different elements of the mural do their own thing based on their character.”

The planes will fly, the fish will jump and the wall will come to life. You will be able to stand in front of the fishing rod and look like you landed a Big Rock fish.

The project itself is a demonstration of unity.

“It’s bigger than just painting,” Brown said. “For people to see a young Black man working with an older white women working collectively for six weeks and then are going to do something that will represent that unity together, that’s bigger than artwork to me.”

The interactive mural should be completed by the end of August or the beginning of September.

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