This Delaware-made movie has racked up lots of buzz, more to come

When Mike Fox decided to help his daughter with her acting portfolio, he had no idea the routine project would blossom into a movie.

“Basically, this was originally created to be just some extra show reel, for our daughter, Arianna,” said Fox. “Within an extremely short amount of time, the timeline grew.” 

Arianna, 15, is a professional voiceover artist who has worked for places like Old Navy and Taco Bell, is a best-selling author on Amazon and has acting experience. 

The Fox family, of Milford, is pictured on the red carpet at the Nov. 20 premiere of the Box in the Basement. The movie was produced by their production company, Crystal Fox Films. From left to right: Arianna Fox, Mike Fox and Trisha Fox.

The Milford family, who has lived in Delaware since 2004, owns the design company Splash DesignWorks and is familiar with video production, such as making commercials for clients. Fox has done short films in the past, but the start of the pandemic is what spun him into a “deep dive” of filmmaking. 

“The film side just hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s a drive,” he said. “I just had a feeling, like a burst out of nowhere, to create this character of Avery who is going through a hard time and has temptation from this box.” 

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