Delaware ShopRite stores will soon primarily use self-checkout

The ShopRite stores in Delaware are replacing their traditional cashier-tended checkout lines with self-checkout aisles where customers scan their own items and navigate a touch screen to complete payment.

The move makes ShopRite the first grocery chain in Delaware to primarily use self-checkout.

“The decision to convert to self-checkout/fast lanes at our six stores was driven by customer demand for the amenity and our goal to provide the best possible checkout experience,” Karen O’Shea, a spokesperson for Wakefern Food Corp. the retailer-owned cooperative of supermarkets to which the Delaware ShopRite stores belong, said in a statement.

A customer uses a self-checkout aisle at ShopRite of Newark off Route 4 on Dec. 21, 2021.

O’Shea said no jobs are being eliminated and ShopRite is hiring for front-end positions and other roles at all stores.

Some stores including the locations in Four Seasons Plaza off Route 896 in Glasgow and Chestnut Hill Plaza off Route 4 in Ogletown have already changed to self-checkout. All six ShopRite stores in Delaware are scheduled to transition before the end of the year, according to store employees.

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