Winner of USD 2 billion powerball jackpot buy mansion in Hollywood Hills

Whenever someone wins a huge jackpot, all eyes are on that person to see what he or she does next with the money. And when it comes to largest some in the history, it’s pretty natural for everyone to have their eyes glued to the person whose life appears ‘set’.

Edwin Castro, the winner of USD 2.04 billion powerball lottery has made his first move. He has chosen to buy a house near Hollywood celebrities on the Hollywood Hill. The purchase of five-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion has cost Castro a cool USD 25.5 million. It’s an amount that’ll make most of stare at it with our mouths wide open, but for a billionaire like Castro, this is mere a few per cent of his enormous wealth. 

When he starts living there, he can boast of sharing neighbourhood with Hollywood majors like Ariana Grande, Dakota Johnson, Jimmy Kimmel and more.

So what are the amenities at Castro’s plush pad?

An infinity pool, a wine cellar, a movie theatre, a games room, a gym, a sauna, a steam shower and more.

The sale of the mansion was reportedly closed on March 1.

The infinitely lucky Castro bought his lottery ticket from a humble convenience store in Los Angeles locality of Altadena. The cost? Mere 2 dollars.

When he won the loterry, he was given an option of receiving the prize money in installments for 29 years. But Castro decided to cash-in and went for lump sum windfall of all that money.

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