Whisky non-lover sells 4,000-piece mini bottle ensemble collection for $40,000

A UK citizen, Brian Marshall, may not like whisky but will surely thank it for the rest of his life.  

Wondering, why? It’s because Marshall has just earned $39,726 (£29,750) by selling his collection of 4,000 miniature whisky bottles at an online auction on Sunday, as per SWNS.  

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Marshall, who lives in Kettering, UK, has been collecting mini bottles of whisky since the 1980s. He has accumulated primarily Scotch bottles from all over the world.   

The bottles include the ones from the US, Uruguay, Iraq and Australia, reported SWNS.  

It all started for Marshall when a co-worker, who was himself collecting full-size bottles of whisky, recommended him to secure mini ones, he told SWNS.  

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“When my mates asked why I collect whisky miniatures when I don’t even like the taste, I used to say, ‘Well, you buy cigarettes and at the end of the week all you have is a pile of ash, but I have my beautiful bottles to look at,’” Marshall said.  

In his garage, Marshall collected and stored whisky bottles in over 130 boxes.  

Not just this, he also collected some books on whisky and distilleries.   

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