Weekend Special: Will the world reduce its dependence on fossil fuels?

Climate change has been threatening the existence of life on Earth for quite some time. Be it the rise is sea level or regular occurrence of natural calamities, the issue has been causing numerous problems.   

It is high time to realise that the problem is real and needs immediate attention.   

Although several summits have been held till now by world leaders to find a solution, it is important to act before it’s too late.  

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A UN report has already warned that if world fails to change, it will face catastrophic temperature rises of at least 2.7C. It may unleash a spate of natural horrors.    

According to the report, there is a need to limit global temperature rises to 1.5C. In order to actually achieve this goal, it is important to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.   

But the million-dollar question is that can we make it possible.   

Currently, numerous vehicles, power plants and businesses use fossil fuels in one or the other forms. Several crucial things run on it and it is also connected to livelihood of numerous people.  

It has also become a crucial part of several lives across the world. So, it may not be an easy task to just stop its use overnight.  

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Not just this, several countries get major part of their revenues from the sale of oil. If it gets stopped, there will be a huge humanitarian crisis.  

Alternate ways of fuel, such as solar energy, nuclear energy, wind energy, etc are yet to get this popular and will take numerous years to give immense competition to the fossil fuels.    

And as numerous processes, vehicles and plants are linked to fossil fuels, it will also be an ardent task to phase it out soon.  

Although it may be difficult to shun its use but the survival of human race depends on it. So, let’s see how the world solves this riddle.  

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