WATCH: Man struck by lightning in Jakarta; survives

Thunder and lightning look nice but from a distance. It has always been a safety hazard to step outdoors during thunderclaps, but some people do not have the luxury to stay indoors.

One such incident happened when a 35-year-old man working as a guard in company in Jakarta was struck with lightning while on duty.

The man works as a security guard in a company related to heavy machinery, towards the north of Jakarta. He was working his shift when lightning struck him.

In a video shared by local media, it can be seen that the man was walking in an open area with an umbrella in hand while it was raining. A few seconds after, a lightning strikes the man and sparks are seen flying in the video. 

While the man is seen struggling to stand, as soon as the sparks settle, the man can be seen falling down on the ground unconscious and completely wet.

As soon his colleagues see the security guard fall on the ground, nearly six people rush to the spot to help him.

The man was immediately taken to a local hospital for his treatment. He suffered some burns on his hand but has survived the deadly attack. He was initially being treated at the hospital for the hand burns, but was discharged after four days. He is now resting and recovering at his home.

Experts believe that the security guard had his walkie-talkie in his hand, which attracted the lightning discharge and caused the accident. Some have also speculated that carrying an umbrella, too, increases the chances of getting struck by lightning.

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