WATCH | Climate activists in Rome turn 17th-century landmark fountain black in protest

Climate activists in Italy from the anti-climate change organisation Last Generation turned the landmark Baroque-style fountain at the foot of Rome’s Spanish Steps, on Saturday (April 1) black, reported news agency AFP. The step was reportedly taken in a protest as it foreshadows the “end of the world” scenario we are heading towards. 


The group has been carrying out peaceful but disruptive protests in the country ahead of last year’s general election urging lawmakers from all parties to make climate change their priority, as per AFP. This was also around the time when climate activists across Europe were seen throwing soup, mashed potatoes and even washable paint on artworks. 

The protest on Saturday targetted the 17th-century fountain, known to Romans as La Barcaccia in Rome where three activists were seen pouring vegetable-based carbon liquid before being escorted away by the police. The boat-shaped fountain was designed by the prominent  Italian sculptor Pietro Bernini.

According to Last Generation, it is believed that it was inspired by the discovery in 1598 of a boat in the square after it was washed inland by a flooding Tiber river. But the reason why they decided to turn it black was to evoke “the ‘end of the world’ scenario we are heading for, as we increasingly step on the accelerator: drought alternating with devastating floods, which will put an end to life on Earth, along with heat waves,” said the group, in a statement. 


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