Watch | Climate activists glue themselves to tarmac at Berlin airport, urge people to avoid flying 

In a recent bizarre effort to draw the world’s attention towards climate issues, environmentalist activists stopped plane traffic at Berlin Airport by glueing themselves to the runway. 

The incident took place on Thursday (Nov 24), Berlin-Brandenburg Airport’s takeoff and landing runways were shut down because demonstrators were glued to the tarmac, Sky News reported.

According to reports, Last Generation environmental group activists were also seen riding bicycles near the shunting area, stopping all aviation traffic. 

The group tweeted pictures on Twitter. The tweet read, “Supporters of the last generation are currently blocking the runway of BER. Some are glued to the asphalt, and others ride their bikes across the shunting area, bringing air traffic to a standstill. Before entering BER, they informed the police.”


The group also released a statement which read, “The plane is not a means of transport for ordinary people. Most people – about 80 per cent of the world’s population – have never flown in their lives. One affluent per cent of the population is responsible for around half of flight-related greenhouse gas emissions.” The group advised people to avoid flying and urged the government to cease funding it. 

Earlier this month, hundreds of climate activists cycled the Amsterdam airport while being chased by police. Around 500 activists from Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion were seen in a widely shared video. 

Climate activists all around the world have been making unusual efforts to draw attention towards urgent action for managing climate. The activists have even glued themselves to famous paintings. A few days ago, activists splashed a viscous liquid over a glass of mummy in Barcelona’s museum. 

(With inputs from agencies)

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