Watch: At inauguration, new footbridge comes down along with several people in Mexico. Find out why

In a shocking development, a newly-built footbridge came down at the time of inauguration itself in Mexican city of Cuernavaca on Tuesday. At the time of the incident, the mayor and several other people were present. The hanging bridge, which was erected over a scenic stream, was made of wooden boards. The metal chains of the bridge were recently remodeled. When it collapsed, the mayor and around two dozen other people fell about 3 meters (10 feet) into a gully. In the stream bed, there were rocks and boulders. The injured included local officials like city council members. 

The incident was caught on camera. It seems the collapse occurred after the boards separated from the chains, which were supporting them. Mayor José Luis Urióstegui’s wife and reporters included the people, who fell after the bridge collapsed, said Morelos governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco. Cuernavaca is located in Morelos state of the country. 


In a statement, the city government of Cuernavaca, said that four city council members, two city officials and a local journalist were injured. They had to be extracted on stretchers and were taken to local hospitals. Mayor José Luis Urióstegui was also sent to a hospital. He had “light injuries and is out of danger”, the city said.  

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