Virginia State Police searching for suspect in three separate Dinwiddie hit-and-run crashes

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia State Police are currently looking for a suspect they believe was involved in three different hit-and-runs in Dinwiddie County.

In the aftermath of a crash on Courthouse Road, shattered glass covers the ground around a damaged tree. The incident occurred on Wednesday, Aug. 30, involving Howard Van Meter’s teenage son and daughter.

“I kind of knew that receiving a phone call from her that early in the morning, knowing they just left for school, something was wrong,” Van Meter said.

Van Meter’s son and daughter were driving along Courthouse Road when another vehicle rammed into the back of their car and caused it to flip. According to Van Meter, the driver kept going.

“It’s just outrageous that somebody could do that,” he said. “And, you know, keep going and not have any kind of worry for anyone … but themselves and wherever they need to go.”

Virginia State Police said the crash involving Van Meter’s children was part of a chain of events that started early Wednesday morning.

According to police, a Ford F-250 towing a camper backed into a car in Dinwiddie County and sped away. Later in the day, the same truck hit two additional cars on Courthouse Road — including the car occupied by Van Meter’s children — and fled both times.

Virginia State Police reported that there were no injuries as a result of these crashes, however, Van Meter says his family is still a little shaken from the experience.

“Just something as simple as going to school, and something like this happens,” he said. “You just wouldn’t expect it.”

Virginia State Police said the agency was later notified by the North Carolina State Highway Patrol about a vehicle that was found fitting the description of the hit-and-run pickup truck. Investigators are currently working to determine if it is in fact the same vehicle connected to the hit-and-runs in Dinwiddie.

The investigation remains ongoing by Virginia State Police, which has consulted with the Dinwiddie County Commonwealth’s Attorney on the crashes.

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