VIDEO: Brazen thieves caught on camera robbing woman in Decatur

DECATUR, Ga. (CBS46) — Surveillance video captured the moment thieves struck and stole a woman’s handbag in broad daylight. 

The incident took place on Dec. 26 at Patel Plaza off Church Street in Decatur.

Business owners said they were stunned by the audacious crime.

“Open my store in the early morning and I saw my customer, and then one red car coming, and two or three guys jumped outside the car. And the one lady there, and he steal one bag,” said a store manager who didn’t want to be identified.

Store owners tell CBS46 the men were sitting in the parking lot for a period before they jumped the woman.

In the video you see them pull up abruptly and then sit for a moment before springing into action.

During the chaos, two of the criminals even run into each other as they snatch the woman’s belongings.

The store owners said this is the first time they can remember such a crime happening in the strip mall.

The woman in the video can be seen running to people nearby and witnesses said she was visibly shaken.

“My wife here so she talked to the other lady there, the lady is crying so I got to outside and the car is gone,” the store manager said.

The store owners also mentioned the woman worships at the prayer center across the road and is known by many. If you have any information on this crime, please contact Dekalb County Police.

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