US Senators agree on gun safety bill

US Senators agreed on a bipartisan gun safety bill on Tuesday for the first time in decades after horrific shooting incidents scarred the United States in recent months.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had announced support for the bill. 

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Democratic Senator Chris Murphy said: “This bill is going to save thousands of lives,” while adding that it is the “most significant piece of anti-gun violence legislation in nearly 30 years.”


The bill proposes background checks for buyers aged under 21 including $11 billion in funding for mental health and $2 billion for school safety programmes however it has not imposed a ban on the sale of assault rifles.

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The new law reportedly also seeks to incentivise states to implement “red flag” laws to remove firearms from people considered a threat which was resisted by Conservatives. The bill also targets a crackdown on illegal sales of guns 

The bill also seeks to close the “boyfriend” loophole prohibiting dating partners convicted of domestic violence from purchasing a firearm.  The Senate is aiming to pass the legalisation this week and then it will be sent to the House of Representatives which has voiced its willingness to pass the bill.

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