US: Police arrest three after thieves hit single Apple store multiple times

Police in California, United States, have arrested three people after an Apple store in the town of Emeryville was hit by thieves multiple times in the last three weeks. The arrests were made after a fresh theft on Thursday (February 8). As reported by a local affiliate of Fox News, thieves stole 16 iPhones, six iPads and four MacBooks in the daylight robbery.

A person named Tyler Mims was arrested along with two others whom local police did not identify.

Mims faces charges of three counts of burglary,  three counts of conspiracy to commit a crime, three counts of grand theft and three counts of organised retail theft.

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The news outlet reported that Mims was also being held for other crimes committed earlier. Mims was singled out because he was captured on store’s CCTV camera during the latest theft. The video has now gone viral. Mims can reportedly be seen in the video, dressed in all black and shoving iPhone down his pants at 12:15 pm in the store. Other customers can be seen to be steering clear of the thieves’ path.

The store reported the first theft on January 19.

Thieves struck again on Monday this week as a suspect stole 50 iPhones from the store at 10:30 am. Another theft took place on Tuesday. A suspect was recorded by an onlooker as he stole phones. Interestingly, a police car was right in front of the store.

Local police have released a statement of the entire saga and have claimed that the police car was unoccupied at the time, without specifying where the officers were.

Though the police have made the arrests, they have appealed to the public for more information about the multiple thefts. They have encouraged people to call, email or meet police officials in person.

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