US mother safeguards Christmas tree decorated by son before demise

A mother, who had lost her son last year, has been preserving a Christmas tree he had decorated before his death in the United States. It seems to be a memory she wants to preserve for future.    

In December last year, 17-year-old Kooper, the son of the woman, had committed suicide, reported Southwest News Service (SWNS).    

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The woman, Heather Davis, has been preserving the tree by wrapping it in cellophane to ensure it stays just the way her son had decorated it before his death.   

Davis, who lives in Hobbs, New Mexico, unwrapped the tree along with her husband and two children this year. In the process of unwrapping, the decorations of the tree remained intact.    

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“Kooper helped me buy and decorate that tree just before he passed away and that’s something I’ll hold on to forever,” Davis told SWNS.  

“Unwrapping it for the first time this year, was emotional but it was nice to feel close to him again. The tree will be staying this way for every Christmas to come, so each year, we can remember our beautiful son,” Davis added.   

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