Ukraine war: Russian overnight strike hits military facility in Western Ukraine

A Russian overnight strike hit a military facility in Khmelnytsky city in Western Ukraine, the news agency AFP reported on Monday (May 29). In a rare admission, the Khmelnytsky regional authorities said that five aircraft were damaged in the strike. The authorities added that work was underway to localise fires at fuel and lubricant warehouses. 

No casualties were reported. Taking to social media, Valery Zaluzhny, commander-in-chief of Ukraine’s armed forces, said that a total of “up to 40 missiles” and “around 35 drones” had been launched, of which 37 and 29 were downed.

The Kyiv administration, meanwhile, said “Only 18 hours after the most massive UAV attack on Kyiv, the enemy attacked the capital again,” adding this was the 15th air attack since the beginning of May. 

(More details will be added soon)

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