Two Shreveport brothers, both deputy marshals, save man’s life after shooting

SHREVEPORT, La. – On October 6th, two Shreveport brothers, Deputy Marshals Chasen and Lance Swan, received a shots fired call in the area where they were serving warrants. The call was for Shreveport Police, but the two brothers rushed to the scene to serve as backup.

Deputy Marshal Chasen Swan arrived at the Sanctuary Apartments in southwest Shreveport to find a man bleeding from a gunshot wound to the chest. There was a pool of blood next to the man and Deputy Marshal Swan says he looked like he was fading. While Swan assessed the scene and did what he could to stop the bleeding, his brother, Lance, arrived.

Chasen yelled for his brother to grab his first aid kit from his vehicle. Lance grabbed it and ran over, putting a pad over the man’s chest to stop the bleeding. They waited with the man for around ten minutes until paramedics arrived. 

The Swan brothers credit their training for their work that day. They say they were just doing their job. It just so happened on that day, their task was to save a man’s life. 

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