Top 10 world news: Omicron variant tormenting healthcare in UK and more

To meet the shortages in the healthcare sector, the UK government is looking to hire numerous care workers from abroad. Russian leader Vladimir Putin has revealed that it was not the KGB but Father Frost, the Soviet Santa, that was the real force behind his rapid rise.

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As Omicron torments, UK looks to hire foreign workers by relaxing visa rules

The development comes as the country is witnessing a huge spike in the number of the coronavirus cases due to the spread of Omicron variant. It has put immense pressure on the healthcare sector.  

COVID-19 concerns in China rise as country reports highest number of cases in four months


China, where the first case of coronavirus (COVID-19) was detected in late 2019, is currently registering a new spike in virus cases as concerns loom over the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. 

Vladimir Putin says Soviet Santa is ‘real force’ behind his rapid rise


When asked about the current state of relations between the Russian President and Father Frost, Putin said he is thankful to him and the Russians for being able to serve as the country’s leader.

Pope Francis prays for Covid pandemic’s end, healthcare for all on Christmas


At a time when numerous people are reeling under various kinds of crisis across the world, Pope Francis prayed for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic on Saturday.  

Poland accuses Germany of turning EU into ‘Fourth Reich’


”Some countries are not enthusiastic at the prospect of a German Fourth Reich being built on the basis of the EU,” Kaczynski said.

Bon Voyage! James Webb space telescope launched on a mission to unfold the universe 


NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, built to give the world a glimpse of the universe as it existed when the first galaxies formed, was launched by rocket early Saturday from South America’s northeastern coast, opening a new era of astronomy.

South African cabinet minister demands to halt auction of Nelson Mandela’s prison cell key


Mandela, the country’s first Black president, was long jailed for his opposition to apartheid in a prison cell of Robben Island.

In conflict-torn Myanmar, more than 30 killed, bodies burnt, say reports


In conflict-torn Kayah state of Myanmar, over 30 people, including women and children, have been killed. Their bodies were also burnt, said reports.

Canada sets record by granting permanent residency to over 400,000 in 2021  



Breaking its all-time record, this is the second time that the country has been able to achieve this figure since its foundation in 1867.

Global warming can double crop pests and diseases in China, threaten food security, warn scientists


Global warming can double the occurrence of crop pests and diseases by the end of the century in China, threatening the Asian giant’s food security, scientists have warned.

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