Russia-NATO talks to take place after Moscow-Washington huddle in Geneva: Report

Russia will hold talks with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in Brussels on security guarantees after US-Russia talks in Geneva, said Russian news agency TASS. The news agency quoted Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“Following the meeting in Geneva, the event is likely to be organized in Brussels with NATO, the arrangements and other details are being worked out,” he said, as quoted by TASS.

Tensions are high between Russia and the West over Russian military buildup along its border with Ukraine. Although Russia maintains that it does not plan to invade Ukraine, it maintains that Ukraine’s manoeuvres pose a threat to Russia. This is being seen as a reason Russia can potentially use to invade Ukraine.

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Russia is dead against Ukraine’s inclusion in NATO grouping. Russia perceives such an inclusion to be a move against its influence in the region. Ukraine was part of Soviet Russia. Russia President Vladimir Putin has already said that inclusion of Ukraine in NATO is unacceptable. He was speaking at a press conference last week.

NATO on Tuesday (December 28) said that it had to scramble fighter jets hundreds of times this year to defend member-states’ airspace from Russia.

The West-led military alliance said that 290 of around 370 total missions were flown in 2021 in response to the activities of Russian aircraft.

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