Rising costs may slide New York’s famed $1 street pizza off table in US

Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world to a great extent. Now, it seems the issues brought in due to the crisis seems to have been threatening the New York’s famed $1 street pizza in the US.  

The rising costs of the rent, cheese, oil, wheat and meat coupled with scarcity of pizza boxes and spotty deliveries have forced the owners of eateries to consider hiking the price of the offering.

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In the city, there are around 1,700 pizzerias.   

The existence of the $1 street pizza outlets has always been dependent on fast and high-volume trade. But it is being threatened due to the pandemic.  

It seems to be a cause of concern for many New Yorkers, who earn low-income in the costly city.  

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Abdul Muhammad, owner, 99 Cent Fresh Pizza, which is an eight-location chain in Manhattan, said for the first time since opening in 2001, he may have to raise the price of the slice if costs continue to increase. “I have to think about it because my customers, many of them unemployed and struggling to make rent, can’t afford to pay more,” Muhammad added.  

“People in New York love dollar-slice pizza because they’re everywhere around the city and they’re open late. Whenever you need to grab a bite, and don’t know what to have, you can have a slice and you’re good to go,” said NYU data science graduate Bishank Gaglani.   

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