Richmond mother claims son was assaulted by teacher

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A Richmond mother is speaking out after she said one of her twin sons was assaulted by a Fox Elementary School teacher during school hours.

Ebony Raye told 8News that on May 15, she received a frantic call from her 7-year-old son alerting her to the situation. After picking her boys up, she said one of them detailed the alleged assault.

“He said [the teacher] grabbed him up by his arm, the one that he broke, and started squeezing it,” Raye said. “She then dragged him by his arm to the cafeteria, where older kids were sitting, and started yelling in his face.” 

Raye said the situation has left her, as well as her two sons, in shock.

“I kind of felt… I kind of felt helpless. I felt like what could I have done as a parent to help my son more? And I honestly don’t know what more I could have done, but the initial hurt of hearing your child call you in fear of a teacher, it’s a lot… it’s overwhelming,” she said.

Richmond Public Schools confirmed with 8News that the situation is being investigated.

“There is a staff member currently on administrative leave while this incident is being investigated,” said an RPS spokesperson in an email. “That is the only information I can share at this time due to the pending investigation.”

The Richmond Police Department also confirmed detectives are investigating; however, the current status of the investigation is an ‘administrative report.’

Raye said she has pulled her sons from the school and questions whether the situation will be handled properly.

“Very tough… very upsetting,” she said. “I would like to have charges brought from this so that no other child will ever have to go through what my sons and myself have been through.”

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