On Christmas, 50 vehicles pile-up in major crash at snowy US stretch, say reports

Although accidents are common at snowy highways but slowly major pile-ups of crashed vehicles also seem to have been becoming a norm in the bad weather in the US.  

In a latest development, around 50 vehicles or more became a part of the pile-up at a stretch of snowy eastbound Interstate 94 in Minnesota state of the United States on Christmas Day.  

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The highway was finally reopened after clearing of vehicles by officials in around three-and-a-half hours, according to the reports.  


It had begun around 11 am on Saturday and the road had been cleared by around 2.30 pm, reported FOX 9 of Minneapolis.  

The crash had actually started with just two vehicles and as the collision had blocked the roadway, it led other vehicles to crash after arriving at the spot leading to the major pile-up, Minnesota state troopers told the station.   

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The pile-up occurred between Fergus Falls and Alexandria in western Minnesota, which lies northwest of the Twin Cities area.  

Although no serious injuries or fatalities were reported, a man was sent to hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening, said the report.  

Many vehicles in the pile-up were semi tractor-trailers, the Star-Tribune of Minneapolis reported.  

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