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Dec. 26, 1914, The Evening Journal

Needy of city are made happy on Christmas Day

Wilmington was happy yesterday. Christmas Day found all with light hearts, and holiday joy reigned supreme.

The big public celebration came at 9 o’clock when the hearts of 1,400 poor children were gladdened with gifts from the City Hall tree. Each child received a bag of candy, nuts and a pair of stockings. To cap the climax, the kiddies, many of whom had no Christmas trees at their own homes, had a peep at the handsomest and largest Christmas tree in the city.

Big, strong policemen, who are accustomed to scenes of misery and suffering, demonstrated they had soft hearts when they played the roles of Santa Claus in the practical sense of the word, and not one child was allowed to leave the courtroom without a present….

More than 300 Christmas baskets, each containing a five-pound chicken, half pound of coffee, celery, sugar, bread, potatoes, cabbage, onions, canned goods, fruit and the like were distributed to poor families yesterday morning by Captain and Mrs. Louis Boss, local officers in charge of the Volunteers of America….

More than 200 children were made happy when they received gifts and enjoyed a Christmas tree at the Salvation Army barracks, No. 102 East Fourth Street….

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