Most voters not satisfied with how Brexit turned out; only 14% say it was better than expected

A recent poll for The Observer has revealed that over six out of ten voters believe that Brexit has either gone bad or worse than they expected. This comes a year after the United Kingdom left the European Union. 

The survey further revealed that  42 per cent of people who voted in favour of leaving in 2016 had a negative view of how Brexit had turned out. Also, 26 per cent of people who were in support of leaving said that it had gone worse than expected. Another 16 per cent of those who voted for Brexit said that they expected it to go badly and were proved right. People who voted in favour of remaining, 86 per cent said that it had gone bad or worse than they expected. 

In total, just 14 per cent of voters turned out to be satisfied and said that Brexit had gone better than expected.

Adam Drummond, of Opinium, was quoted by the Guardian as saying, “For most of the Brexit process any time you’d ask a question that could be boiled down to ‘is Brexit good or bad?’ you’d have all of the Remainers saying ‘bad’ and all of the Leavers saying ‘good’ and these would cancel each other out. Now what we’re seeing is a significant minority of Leavers saying that things are going badly or at least worse than they expected.”

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The survey comes a week after Brexit Minister David Frost resigned. 

In a letter to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Frost said that he was resigning immediately after a report said that he was looking to step down next month. 

In resignation letter, Frost said, “That is why we agreed earlier this month that I would move on in January and hand over the baton to others to manage our future relationship with the EU.” 

However, a report by the Daily Mail claimed that the minister resigned due to the increasing resentment against the government.

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