Morning brief: India to mint ₹75 coins to mark inauguration of new Parliament, US debt crisis, and more

In the latest, a special ₹75 coin will be launched to celebrate the inauguration of the new parliament building, the Ministry of Finance said on Thursday (May 25). The United States is facing a significant debt default crisis, but President Joe Biden believes it can be avoided as important time passes in a battle between White House and Republican negotiators on raising the debt ceiling. In other news, Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Bibi have been put on the no-fly list. 

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The United States is facing an unprecedented crisis of debt default, but President Joe Biden believes that debt default will be avoided as crucial time passes on a race to find agreement between the White House and Republican negotiators on raising the debt ceiling. 

Biden said on Thursday (May 25) that “there will be no default”. He added that his negotiations with Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy had been “productive”. 


India’s finance ministry announced on Thursday that ₹75 coin will be minted to commemorate the new Parliament building’s inauguration. The coin will carry the inscription “Parliament Complex” as well as the new building’s image.

The new Parliament building’s inauguration ceremony will be held by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on May 28.


In an impeachment that could become a first in decades in Texas history, a Republican-led committee of the state’s House of Representatives recommended Thursday to impeach the state’s attorney general, Ken Paxton alleging that his conduct included a slew of abuses of his office. 

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