Media’s interest in covering Queen Elizabeth II related news leading to ‘infobesity’

International media has covered Queen Elizabeth II’s passing from every perspective, with analysts analysing every action with rapt attention and publications filled with comments. 

However, experts have cautioned AFP that overzealous coverage like this would just inspire more people to stop watching the news altogether, worsening the industry’s gloom. 

According to Nic Newman of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University, “We’re already seeing criticism of the… blanket coverage.” 

Outside of the UK, this is considerably more true. We have all been taken aback by how interested the foreign media has remained in the issue over time, he said.

When the queen’s passing was announced, television stations all across the world reported high viewing numbers. 

According to the specialised portal Visibrain, between Thursday and Tuesday, there were a record 46.1 million tweets about the topic. But as the coverage goes on, the competing opinions become more audible. 

Many social media users bemoaned the fact that the news effectively pushed all other issues off the table.

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The host of the television programme Media Watch on Australia’s ABC public broadcaster, Paul Barry, told his audience that the queen was obviously popular before posing the question: “But did the Australian media really need to go so crazy with the coverage?” 

The incident, according to French journalist David Medioni of the Media Observatory of the Jean-Jaures Foundation in Paris, neatly encapsulated the problems facing the contemporary news business. You can’t avoid talking about it, but every media outlet does so uniformly, he said. 

“You can end up feeling that you haven’t heard anything useful or interesting” when the media has covered every perspective.

(with inputs from agencies)

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