Live updates: Half Moon Bay, California mass shooting suspect identified


As the community in Half Moon Bay, California, reeled after the mass shooting that killed seven people on Monday, there were grief counselors present to provide emotional support, according to Ray Mueller of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors.

“We had grief counselors with people last night. We weren’t trying to break down what they thought of the event, we were trying to provide them emotional support,” he told CNN on Tuesday.

There were children present at the site of the shooting, and while they are “incredibly resilient,” Mueller said he spent time “playing soccer with one of them and trying to provide them with as much support as possible while we help their parents.”

The community is “just completely overcome with sadness,” he added, saying, “it is horrifying what has happened in our community.”

There has been an “outpouring of love and compassion for our community — people showing up at the shelter late in the evening, bringing blankets, bringing food, working together,” Mueller said.

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