Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis in talks for “Freaky Friday” sequel 20 years after original

A “Freaky Friday” sequel is in the works and Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis are ready to swap bodies again, 20 years after the first film was released.

In the 2003 hit, Curtis and Lohan play a mother and her teen daughter who are at odds with each other and must work together when — thanks to a curse put on them — they mysteriously swap bodies.

In an interview with the New York Times published Wednesday,  Curtis said when she was doing press for “Halloween Ends,” people would ask her about a “Freaky Friday” sequel. “Something really touched a chord,” she said. “When I came back, I called my friends at Disney and said, ‘It feels like there’s a movie to be made.'”

“Jamie and I are both open to that,” Lohan said about the sequel. “So we’re leaving it in the hands that be.”

Premiere of
Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan during the premiere of “Freaky Friday” at El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, California, United States.

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When the first film was released, Lohan was just 16 playing a grouchy teenager. Now, she’s an expecting mother herself. She said looking back, the parenthood lesson the film taught her was patience. “You want to let them explore and live the way they need to live – with boundaries,” she said.

Curtis, who has two adult children and is now 64, said the film taught her to “suspend the judgment, open the ear, listen more.”

“Also, as a parent, we’re sizing up all the time: shoes, clothes, foods. It’s all future thought,” the Oscar winner said. “My lesson from ‘Freaky Friday’ was to be where your feet are.”

The 2003 film is based on a book of the same name, which was originally turned into a film in 1976 starring Barbara Andrews and Jodie Foster. 

In the 20 years since the film came out, Curtis and Lohan have stayed in touch. 

“My strongest memory is the scene where the two of us are in the car eating French fries,” Curtis said. “Now, if I get a text out of the blue, ‘Hey, Jamie, it’s Linds,’ I say, ‘Prove it. What was the song we were trying to learn the rap to during Freaky Friday?’ If she answers Justin Timberlake’s ‘Like I Love You,’ then I know it’s Lindsay Lohan.”

Disney confirmed the sequel to Entertainment Tonight, saying it is currently in development. The script will be written by Elyse Hollander, Variety reports. 

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