Lincoln County city shuts down COVID-19 testing site after driver almost hits officer trying to cut the line

LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. ( — A Lincoln County mayor says heavy traffic and hostility led to the closure of a COVID-19 testing site Wednesday. 

Winfield Mayor Dawn Garver said they shut down a COVID-19 testing sire because of heavy traffic and hostility from people in line for those tests. In one case, the mayor said an agitated driver almost hit an officer because they wanted to get through the line.

Mayor Graver said in a statement, “I apologize if you were unable to get to your homes this morning due to the amount of traffic or if you were affected by any of the hazardous situations.”

The City of Winfield is working with the test provider to better provide testing at the sire and city workers are communicating with emergency management to help facilitate the event is this issue pops up again. 

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