Kirkwood and Limestone businesses joke with each other via signs

If Kirkwood Highway and Limestone Road are part of your daily commute, you might have noticed a sign war going on between local businesses.  

During the past few weeks, Crossroads Restaurant and Paul Campanella’s Auto & Tire Center have been making jabs at each other through their written display signs.  

On Labor Day, the sign at Crossroads read, “Happy Labor Day! PC Auto, give your brain the day off even though it doesn’t work.” 

The Next day, Campanella’s sign said, “Smell burning? It’s probably just Crossroads trying to cook.” 

The businesses, which are adjacent to each other, have been changing their signs daily to see who can deliver the bark with the biggest bite.  

Talking to other businesses through their sign initially seemed like a fun thing to do that would bring a bit of humor to the business, and the response has been nothing short of comical since it began last July, said Matt Tyrawski, owner of Crossroads. 

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