Kate Middleton won over Queen Elizabeth despite Camilla’s initial disapproval, expert claims

When Kate Middleton arrived at King Charles III’s coronation in May, the world got a glimpse of the princess who will one day be queen consort.

The Princess of Wales joined the British royal family at Westminster Abbey for the crowning ceremony of her father-in-law, 74. All eyes were on the mother of three as she wore a jewel-hued Alexander McQueen gown that was paired with a Jess Collett x Alexander McQueen silver headpiece.

The 41-year-old has come a long way since she married Prince William, the heir to the British throne, in 2011. Following Queen Elizabeth II’s death in September, several royal experts agreed that the focus has been on the princess as she supports the future king.


Catherine, Princess of Wales, waves from the balcony of Buckingham Palace with Prince William, Prince of Wales and Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis during the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla on May 6, 2023, in London. (Leon Neal/Getty Images)

The queen, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, passed away on Sept. 8, 2022 at age 96.

“Kate Middleton is always being compared to Princess Diana, Queen Camilla, even the late Queen Elizabeth II,” Christopher Andersen, author of “The King,” told Fox News Digital. “But people don’t give Kate enough credit for being a genuine original.”

“Don’t forget, all those women were born to the purple,” Andersen shared. “Diana was a Spencer, which meant she came from a long line of powerful and wealthy aristocrats. Camilla is the granddaughter of a baron. And from the age of 10, Elizabeth knew that she would someday be queen. Kate, however, is a descendant of coal miners. Her mother grew up in public housing and worked as a flight attendant. Not only will she be the first truly commoner queen, but she will be the first queen with a university degree.”

Kate Middleton in a black and white school uniform

New graduate Kate Middleton wears a traditional gown to the graduation ceremony at St Andrews on June 23, 2005. (Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

The princess, born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, attended Marlborough College where she excelled in sports. However, it was at the University of St Andrews in Scotland where she met the elder son of Princess Diana and the former Prince Charles.

First friends and then housemates along with two other students, William and Middleton became romantically linked around 2004. Middleton graduated in 2005 with a degree in art history. As the romance blossomed, William complained about press intrusion and Middleton’s lawyers asked newspaper editors to leave her alone. Still, the couple briefly split in 2007. William, 41, later admitted that they were both young and trying to find their way.

The tabloids dubbed Middleton “Waity Katie” for her patience during their courtship. The couple eventually married in 2011.


Kate Middleton on her wedding day with Prince William

Prince William and Kate Middleton married on April 29, 2011, in London. (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Andersen alleged that Middleton had a strong critic behind palace doors – and it was not the queen.

Conscious Camilla made it known to Charles that she didn’t think Kate was right for William – that she felt Kate was beneath William, and certainly not ‘queen material,’” Andersen claimed. “Queen Elizabeth, on the other hand, was impressed with how Kate never allowed anything to get to her. Kate maintained a quiet, almost regal sense of dignity – the sort of ‘keep calm and carry on’ attitude that the monarch herself so famously embraced. After deftly navigating the treacherous waters of the royal court for over a decade, Kate proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would be a huge asset to the monarchy.”

Queen Camilla wearing a green dress and an ivory hat sitting next to Kate Middleton in a blue and white floral dress and white hat

Author Christopher Andersen alleged that Camilla, left, initially did not think that Kate Middleton was “queen material.” (Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

Royal author Kate Nicholl originally claimed in her book “William and Harry” that the late monarch was bothered by the number of vacations Middleton and William took together before their marriage. She believed Middleton needed “a proper job” before officially entering the royal family. While Middleton was said to be “stung” by the queen’s words, she followed her advice.

A close-up of Kate Middleton in a dark blue suit sitting next to a smiling queen elizabeth in a bright light blue suit

Author Katie Nicholl claimed in her book that Queen Elizabeth II wanted Kate Middleton to get “a proper job” before marrying her grandson. (Phil Noble – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

“I believe the late queen, quite keenly, helped Catherine to understand that the busier she is, the less personal drama she attracts,” Kinsey Schofield, host of the “To Di For Daily” podcast, told Fox News Digital. “Queen Elizabeth advised Catherine pretty early on to find a hobby that she could consume herself in. The new Princess of Wales dived headfirst into fashion, photography and even her mother’s party planning business… She had years to develop what her niche would be before officially becoming a member of the royal family.”

According to Andersen, there were no hard feelings between the queen and William’s longtime love.

Queen Elizabeth wearing a neon green dress next to Kate Middleton in a multicolored dress and Prince William in a navy suit and tie

Kate Middleton, right, is seen here showing Queen Elizabeth II, left, and Prince William a garden she designed in 2019. (GEOFF PUGH/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

“The two women hit it off from the very beginning,” he said. “Whenever they got together, the queen and Kate traded sly glances and giggles; they were always clearly delighted in each other’s company.”

“The same could not be said for the late queen and her daughter-in-law Camilla,” Andersen alleged. “The current queen is still looking over her shoulder, always aware that Kate is always there, waiting in the wings. It’s a popularity contest Camilla can never hope to win, and she knows it.”


Camilla, Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton wearing black suits with red poppies

Several royal experts agreed that it took time for now Queen Camilla, left, to be accepted by her mother-in-law Queen Elizabeth II, center. (Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

“It must be terribly frustrating for her,” Andersen added.

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace previously told Fox News Digital they do not comment “on such books.”

During the years under the royal microscope, Middleton has largely avoided criticism, adopting the royal maxim “never complain, never explain.”

This was apparent in 2021, when Meghan Markle alleged in her televised interview with Oprah Winfrey that Middleton made her cry during a disagreement over flower girl dresses leading up to her royal wedding. Middleton and her office responded with silence.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle on the balcony

Meghan Markle, right, claimed to Oprah Winfrey in 2021 that Kate Middleton made her cry and later apologized. The Princess of Wales never responded to the allegation. (Max Mumby/Indigo)

Markle, a former American actress, became the Duchess of Sussex when she married Prince Harry, Middleton’s brother-in-law, in 2018.

“You can’t deny that the last few years have been chaotic for the royal family,” said Schofield. “Between Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Prince Andrew… Catherine and Queen Elizabeth II spent a significant amount of time debating procedures and next steps with members of staff and senior royals… Kate obeyed the queen’s ‘never complain, never explain’ mantra. She’s never spoken out and discussed what happens behind the scenes. In this way, she maintains that mystery that made Queen Elizabeth II so special.”

Queen Elizabeth wearing a pink suit as Kate Middleton watches on

According to several royal experts, Kate Middleton adopted Queen Elizabeth II’s motto – “never complain, never explain.” (Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, stepped back as a senior royal in 2019 following his controversial friendship with late American financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made their exit in 2020, citing what they saw as the media’s racist treatment of the duchess and a lack of support from the palace. They now reside in California.


Kate Middleton, Queen Camilla and Prince George wearing black and looking away from the camera

From left to right, Prince George of Wales, Queen Camilla and Catherine, Princess of Wales during the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey on Sept. 19, 2022, in London. (Samir Hussein/WireImage)

British royals expert Hilary Fordwich told Fox News Digital that the queen’s relationship with Middleton grew stronger during her final years.

“Demure and dutiful, she was a stalwart for the queen, which was so appreciated by her majesty,” said Fordwich about the Princess of Wales. “Whilst, in contrast, Harry and Meghan were intent on causing stress and strain for… the queen in her waning years.”

“Importantly, she didn’t try to emulate the queen, but rather has forged her own unique identity, a full fulcrum role,” Fordwich shared. “It has resulted in her being viewed as a central and critical senior member of the royal family and embraced by the public… Beyond her work in front of the cameras, many close to her share that she regularly writes to and makes telephone calls to the people she meets during her official duties.”

Kate Middleton wearing a hunter green dress sitting next to Queen Elizabeth wearing a bright pink dress

British royals expert Hilary Fordwich told Fox News Digital that towards the end of her life, Queen Elizabeth II, right, “was so incredibly thankful” for Kate Middleton. (Indigo/Getty Images)

“Towards the end of her life, the late queen was so incredibly thankful for Catherine,” chimed Schofield. “She could trust Kate with her family’s legacy and the future of the monarchy. In the queen’s last few months, Catherine was stoic, strategic and obedient.”

Andersen added that “the queen was grateful to Kate for all of it.”

Kate Middleton in a bright green dress caressing her daughters face

Catherine, Princess of Wales, left, and her daughter Princess Charlotte of Wales, right, in the Royal Box during the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships on July 16, 2023, in London. (Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Image)

Middleton’s place as the wife of a future king and the mother of another has become more prominent in the months following the queen’s death. Schofield pointed out that Middleton has secured many royal engagements near her home so that she remains accessible to her three young children. 

Royal watchers agree that all eyes will continue to be on her. However, they are already convinced that the monarchy is well protected.


Kate Middleton wearing a golden sparkling gown next to Prince William in a suit

Many royal experts agreed that all eyes will continue to be on the Prince and Princess of Wales as they prepare to be the future king and queen consort. (Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Since Queen Elizabeth’s death, a huge burden has fallen directly on William’s and Kate’s shoulders – the weight made all the heavier without Harry and Meghan there to share the workload,” said Andersen. “William sometimes shows the strain, but never Kate. The future of the monarchy is in their hands, and they know it.”

“Frankly, their future subjects know it too,” he added.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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