Israel-Hamas war: Visa, Mastercard’s loss becomes Troy’s gain in Turkey

Turkish citizens are increasingly canceling their Visa and Mastercards in a nationwide boycott against companies or nations they deem supportive Israel, country’s Yeni Safak publication reported. 

Banks are reportedly struggling with the surge in demand for Troy cards, Turkey’s domestic payment system established by the Interbank Card Center in 2015. This shift is a protest against the West’s support for Israel’s purported ‘right to defence’ after it was attacked by Hamas on October 7 that killed about 1200 Israelis.

On social media, the hashtag campaign #TroyKartaGeçiyoruz (#WeGoToTroyKarta) has gained momentum, in a reference to the country’s own payment system Troy. 

Since targeting Visa and Mastercard, approximately 19 million new Troy cards have been issued, Yeni Safak report added. 

Troy, Turkey’s sole domestic payment card, was launched officially in April 2016, providing financial services such as credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards.

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Notably, Troy cards have been accepted in the US on the Discover Card network since 2017. 

The development coincides with a related move when the Turkish parliament removed Coca-Cola and Nestle products from its campus restaurants, accusing them of supporting Israel. 

What does it mean?

This multifaceted protest reflects a growing pro-Palestine sentiment among the Turkish citizens.

Besides, the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said recently that Hamas was not a terrorist organisation but a liberation group fighting to protect Palestinian lands and people, in contrast to the fact that the militant-political organisation that rules blockaded Gaza Strip has been designated as a terrorist group by the US and collective West. 

“Once all of this that is happening is finished, we want to see Gaza as a peaceful region that is a part of an independent Palestinian state, in line with 1967 borders, with territorial integrity, and with East Jerusalem as its capital,” Erdogan said earlier this month.

More than 10,000 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed in retaliatory attack launched by Israel on Oct 7.

(With inputs from agencies)

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