In this Canada province, health workers to continue work even after testing Covid positive

Quebec’s health minister Christian Dube has said that they are left with “no choice” but to allow some essential workers to continue work despite testing COVID-19 positive to stave off a staff shortage from affecting its healthcare services due to the Omicron surge.

Canada’s Quebec province has been reporting massive Covid spikes as the highly contagious Omicron drives a new wave of infections.

On Tuesday, the French-speaking province reported 12,833 new coronavirus cases—the highest one-day count of any region in Canada during the pandemic.

Health authorities have warned that the actual number of infections may be higher as the screening centres are overwhelmed and the rapid testing kits being used at home could mean that some cases are not being reported.

Moreover, pandemic related hospitalisations have increased, putting the fragile health infra on the brink of a collapse.

“Omicron’s contagion is so exponential, that a huge number of personnel have to be withdrawn – and that poses a risk to the network capacity to treat Quebecers,” Dube told reporters at a briefing on Tuesday.

“We made the decision that under a certain condition positive staff will be able to continue working according to a list of priority and risk management,” he said, adding that more information would be provided in the coming days.

Dube said Quebec would also offer a third dose of a Covid-19 vaccine to everyone above the age of 18 from Jan 4.

Last week, Quebec ordered bars, gyms and casinos to shut and directed people to work only from home. It also limited the size of gatherings at private homes and restaurants to six people.

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