In China, authorities ban tattoos services for minors

Chinese authority on Monday (June 6) banned tattoos for minors owing to the newly enacted rules by China’s State Council, Global Times reported. As per the new rules, companies, organisations or individuals are restricted from providing tattooing services to minors. They also can not coerce, or foment, inducing the minors to get tattooed. 

The report by a China-based media outlet further added that the tattoo service providers must post obvious statements in their shops that they can not provide service to minors. They are supposed to ask for identity proof if they are doubtful about the age of customers. 

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The rule also states that advertisements, books, journals or digital publications shall not include any content that could, in a way, attract minors to get tattoos. 

It has also been advised that parents and guardians should dissuade their kids from seeking tattooing. 

The report added that government agencies are required to support the new regulation. 

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Earlier in March, Shanghai had barred minors from getting tattoos legally, without their parents’ approval. 

At that time, the city had become the first in China to set a minimum legal age for those wanting to get inked. 


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