Hady Amr says US is committed to reopening consulate in Jerusalem

Washington is committed to reopening its Jerusalem consulate for Palestinians, the top US official on Palestinian affairs Hady Amr said on Wednesday amidst a new hard right government gearing up to take office in Israel. 

He reiterated that the Biden administration aims to reopen its Jerusalem consulate that was shut down in 2019 by then-President Donald Trump. Israel has been against it since it regards Jerusalem as its indivisible capital.

“We remain committed to reopening a consulate in Jerusalem,” he said. However, he gave no timeline for it.

Amr further said that President Joe Biden is hopeful of a two-state solution as “the best way forward for Israelis and Palestinians to realise their aspirations”.

“What we are focused on in the immediate term is lifting up and improving Palestinian lives while we also look for ways to restore a political horizon and return to a two-state solution,” Amr told reporters.

Amr made no mention of Palestinians’ quest for a state in Israeli-occupied territory. Incoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his far right allies have are against it. Earlier, US-led negotiations on the matter were stalled in 2014.

When asked to talk about Netanyahu’s new government, Amr declined to comment. It is expected to include far-right leader Itamar Ben-Gvir in a key national security ministry, with expanded powers over police in the occupied West Bank.

“We are going to stay focused on our goal of working towards and advancing towards equal measures of security, freedom and justice for Israelis and Palestinians alike.”

Ben-Gvir, a West Bank settler, was convicted in 2007 for incitement against Arabs and support for a Jewish militant group deemed by Israel and the United States to be a terrorist organisation.

(With inputs from agencies)

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