Germany: Woman bites dog owner over ‘corporal punishment’

In a battle of disciplining a pet dog, two women got embroiled in a quarrel in eastern Germany.

A 27-year-old female dog owner was bitten by a 51-year-old woman when she reprimanded her for hitting her dog.

As a result, the younger woman’s calf was badly injured as she reportedly fell down after the attack. They will both appear in court due to the incident.

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According to the German police, ”The dogs only looked on and did not engage in biting during the fight between the two women.”

Under a rule, Germans have to take their dog for a walk or run in the garden at least twice a day for a total of an hour.

Germany’s most popular breeds are the German Shepherd and short-legged, long-bodied Dachshund, known as “sausage dogs” followed by Labradors, retrievers, and Jack Russell Terriers and pugs.

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It is often said and believed that a dog is a man’s best friend. Sometimes dog owners do extreme things to pamper them.

An Australian couple shelled out tens of thousands of dollars to hire a private jet to fly their stranded dog home from New Zealand in time for Christmas.

The entire process cost so much money that the dog was christened “Million Dollar Munchkin” on social media.

Meanwhile, a woman in Quebec stopped by police walking a man on a leash during a coronavirus curfew insisted “she was walking her dog”, which was permitted under the rules. 

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