Gender reveal turns deadly as stunt plane crashes in Mexico

A pilot died during a gender reveal stunt in Mexico when the small plane he was flying crashed while dumping pink smoke on the expecting couple.

The video posted online shows a couple standing in front of a sign that reads, “Oh baby,” that is decorated with pink and blue balloons in San Pedro, Mexico.

A plane flies low and dumps pink smoke, revealing the couple is having a baby girl, when the small aircraft suddenly pulls up and begins to spiral. 

The video appears to show the plane’s left wing bend upward.

Partygoers can be heard screaming as the small aircraft spirals out of control and crashes – most of them unaware that the plane is crashing.

gender reveal plane

The plane appears to pull up as it dumps pink smoke on the couple.


No other injuries were reported from the incident, and it was unclear what caused the crash.

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