Gaza’s Al-Buraq school takes hit as Israel moves to root out Hamas, 50 killed

The humanitarian situation in Gaza is extremely dire as the death toll in the besieged city is continuing to swell. A total of 50 people have reportedly been killed after an air strike hit a Gaza City school on Friday (Nov 10) morning, media reports said. 

The dead bodies of these dozens of individuals were brought to the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza. In the aftermath of the tragic killings, hospital director Mohammad Abu Salmiya said, “About 50 martyrs were recovered from inside Al-Buraq school… in the Al-Nasr neighbourhood in Gaza after missile and artillery strikes that targeted the school this morning.” 

The Al-Buraq school which came under fire was housing displaced people whose homes had been destroyed in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

While AFP reported on the death toll citing the hospital director, the news agency was unable to verify it. 

Attack on Gaza hospitals 

Meanwhile, Reuters reported that hospitals in Gaza are also witnessing air strikes leading to devastating conditions for patients and medical staff alike. About three Gaza hospitals came under attack with officials saying that the rockets struck the courtyard of Gaza’s biggest hospital, Al-Shifa on Friday (Nov 10) morning. 

Among other hospitals which bore the brunt of Israeli airstrikes amid its onslaught on the Hamas militant group were the Indonesian Hospital and Nasser Rantissi Paediatric Cancer Hospital.

If medical staff in Gaza are to be believed, Israeli tanks are holding their positions around the Nasser Rantissi, Children’s and Eye hospitals as well as the Al-Quds hospital. 

This has again spurred a debate if innocent civilians are being used as human shields.

The Israeli Defence Forces earlier released video footage showcasing how the Hamas militant group, with its reported underground tunnels beneath hospitals, is using these infrastructures to carry out its terrorist activities against the Jewish nation of Israel.

However, these claims have already been refuted by the Palestinian militant group. 

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Israeli forces has already given a warning to Hamas saying that it will take down its militants if they start fire from Gaza hospitals. “If we see Hamas terrorists firing from hospitals, we’ll do what we need to do… If we see Hamas terrorists we’ll kill them,” military spokesman Richard Hecht reportedly said.

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Disclaimer: WION takes utmost care to accurately and responsibly report ongoing developments on the Israel-Palestine conflict after the Hamas attacks. However, we cannot independently verify the authenticity of all statements, photos and videos.


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