Florida man facing 10 felony counts for allegedly stealing $20,000 worth of diesel fuel

PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A Florida man is facing charges for allegedly stealing $20,000 worth of diesel fuel from a gas station in Prince George County.

According to the Prince George County Police Department, Pablo Navarro of Miami was able to steal that much — approximately 5,000 gallons — by tampering with parts inside of a fuel dispenser at a 7-Eleven gas station on the 4500 block of County Drive.

On Tuesday, Nov. 14, Navarro was arrested and charged with three felony counts of grand larceny, seven felony counts of tampering with a fuel pump, seven misdemeanor counts of vandalism and four misdemeanor counts of petit larceny.

Oliver Curry, who has been driving semi trucks for the last 15 years, said he stops for gas at the 7-Eleven weekly. He said he was shocked to hear that someone was able to steal that much gas.

“That is a lot of diesel, with diesel being $4 a gallon,” said Curry. “I mean, do the math.”

Curry said that he believes this was not Navarro’s first time.

“I mean, $20,000 worth of diesel, it doesn’t happen overnight,” said Curry. “You know, this thing has been adding up for some time.”

Police said Navarro’s arrest has been linked to six previous thefts from the gas station — one took place in March, one took place in July and the rest took place across October and November.

This incident is still under investigation, anyone with information is asked to call the Prince George Police Department at 804-733-2773.

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