Fire complicated by explosions and hazardous chemicals

SHREVEPORT, La. —  Firefighters Wednesday battled a blaze on Egan Street in the city’s Stoner Hill neighborhood that included several explosions.

The fire broke out around 1:30 p.m. When firefighters arrived they found the garage of the home engulfed in flames. What complicated fighting the fire was the presence of several 55-gallon barrels of kerosene in the garage.

Shreveport firefighters clean up after a fire on Egan Street Wednesday that included several explosions. 

Fire officials tell KTBS that one of those barrels exploded. There were also other smaller containers of flammable liquids like butane that also exploded. 

“This garage was not being used by a truck or a car,” said Clarence Reese, assistant to the city fire chief. “We are being careful about going through there even at this point until our fire investigator is able to investigate before we start moving a lot of things around.”

There was a concern that the kerosene was leaking into the sewer system. City and state crews were on the scene building a dam of sand to prevent that. State officials were also present to monitor any environmental impacts from that spill.

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