Ferrari falls victim to ransomware attack; 7GB of its internal documents made public

Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari might have become the latest victim of a ransomware attack. As per a Reuters report, internal documents belonging to the brand had been posted online.

The carmaker refuted that this was a ransomware attack, adding that there was no evidence of it or of a breach of the company’s system. 

However, Ferrari said that it was working to identify how the documents were made public and that appropriate actions would be taken as needed, adding that there has been no disruption to its business and operations.

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Earlier on Monday, Corriere della Sera newspaper, citing the Italian website the Red Hot Cyber, reported that the luxury carmaker had been a  victim of a cyber attack. 

As per Red Hot Cyber, ransomware gang, RansomEXX, on its Tor leak site claimed that it has breached Ferrari stealing 6.99 GB of data, which not only included internal documents but also datasheets and repair manuals etc. As of yet the source of these documents remains unclear. 

In the recent past, ransomware attacks have grown exponentially. From big brands like Ferrari to public service organisations like UK’s National Health Service, many have fallen prey to these attacks. Ransomware attacks use malware to block access to data or threaten to publish sensitive data unless the victim pays a substantial ransom. 

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As per Security Affairs and Hack Notice, in December of last year, another ransomware attack indirectly targeted Ferrari. The attack by Everest ransomware allegedly hacked Speroni Spa’s systems. The company is part of the supply chain of multiple car makers including Ferrari. Reportedly, 850 GB of the company’s data, including customer and employee data, technical data, financial documents, bank statements, and “other very important documents” were put up for sale after the attack.

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