Ex-Playboy model and ‘Baywatch’ ‘Karen’ faces assault charge in spat with foul-mouthed old man on Delta flight


He called her a “b—-,” a “p—-” and a “Karen,” while flinging the F-word around on a packed Delta Air Lines flight – then she smacked him in the face.

Now the 51-year-old ex-Raiders cheerleader, Playboy model and “Baywatch” actress turned jet-setting realtor is facing federal assault charges after allegedly hitting an 80-year-old potty mouth on an hour-long flight from Tampa to Atlanta on Dec. 23.

Patricia Cornwall, also known as Patty Breton, appears in viral video arguing with a man identified by federal authorities only by the initials RSM. 

Viral video shows encounter that led to federal assault charge on flight from Tampa to Atlanta.
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The profanity-laced video begins with the two of them already shouting at one another.

“Put your f—ing mask on,” she tells him, although both of them have their masks pulled down.

“I’m eating, and I can do it with my mask off,” he replies, before asking her, “Do you want me to pour this over your head, G—dammit?” and gesturing at something out of the camera’s view.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that,” she says.

Patricia Cornwall also has a pending DUI case in Florida from early November.

Patricia Cornwall also has a pending DUI case in Florida from early November.
(Walton County Sheriff’s Office)

As she shouts over him, he tells her, “I’ll talk to you any f—ing way I want to.”

“Stand your a– up,” she answers.

“Sit down, Karen,” he shoots back, as flight attendants arrive and place their hands on her arm.

Cornwall, who was released on $20,000 bond, did not answer phone calls or text messages Monday evening. Her voice mailbox was full.


According to a federal criminal complaint, which references the widely circulated video, the spat began as she tried to make her way from the restroom to her seat but found a flight attendant with a drink cart blocking her path.

“CORNWALL asked the flight attendant to help her find her seat to which the flight attendant asked CORNWALL to find an open seat until beverage service was complete,” the complaint reads. 

RSM told police that Cornwall responded by asking the flight attendant, “What am I, Rosa Parks?”

RSM said he got involved at that point, according to the complaint, telling Cornwall that she “isn’t Black” and that they weren’t on a bus or in Alabama. That’s when the two became involved in a verbal altercation.

“Additional derogatory comments were made by both parties involved,” the complaint reads.

Video shows RSM shouted, “You’ve got your mask down, b—-!”

“Did you call me a b—-?” she replies.

“Yes I did,” he shoots back, a moment before he gets cracked in the mouth.

She allegedly struck RSM in the head with a “closed fist” and spit on him, according to the criminal complaint.

“Now you’re going to jail,” RSM says in the video after the hit, several times, before using the word against her once again.

As flight attendants were restraining her, he also appeared to reach toward her face but did not make contact.

Court records suggest she suffers from anxiety and may not have taken her medicine before the flight.

Florida arrest records also show Cornwall had been arrested just last month on misdemeanor DUI charges in Walton County and released on $1,000 bail. In a court filing asking for a public defender, she indicated that she has no source of income.


She pleaded not guilty in that case, which is still pending. The terms of release in the federal case ban her from consuming any alcohol and was barred from interstate travel via common carrier, with one exception. She is allowed to fly home to Los Angeles, as long as she takes her medication beforehand.

An IMBD profile under the name Patty Breton states that she appeared in an episode of “Baywatch” and one of “Married… with Children,” both in 1996. It also credits her with two Playboy appearances the following year, including one titled “Women Behaving Badly.”

A 1992 Lime Rock trading card featuring the former “Raiderette” cheerleader Patty Breton shows the same birthday and home state of Arizona.

“I was the fastest female runner on our high school track team,” the caption reads. “It’s great to channel that energy into leading cheers for our many fans at the Coliseum.”

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