Even as mass shootings ‘shoot up’, Facebook gives 10 chances to those who sell-purchase guns on platform

facAt this point, we all know that buying guns in the United States is easy. But how easy is buying weapons online or on social media sites like Facebook? The answer is very easy. 

As the demands for gun control gain steam in the US and elsewhere the platform is taking steps to remedy this. The social media giant Facebook has now prohibited gun sales on its platform, reports the Washington Post. However, here’s the kicker, buyers and sellers can violate the rule ten times before they are kicked off the platform.

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This policy has come to light for the first time and as per Washington Post, it is “much more lenient” than for other offences. Posting child pornography, which by the way is illegal or posting a terrorist image can get a user removed. But, buying or selling instruments of mass death will get you prohibited, after “only” 10 strikes.

Users who sell or buy guns while calling for violence or praise known “dangerous” organisations get five strikes.

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Facebook says that it gatekeeps gun sales in an appropriate manner and that most users aren’t even aware they’re breaking rules, since the sale of guns in the US is legal.


The platform has long been a favourite marketplace for those selling or buying arms. In 2016, amid pressure from activists, and government agencies trying to bring about gun control, Facebook prohibited these sales. Soon, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube also did the same.

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Facebook’s policy and its strike system, however, remain shrouded in mystery. The company doesn’t dispute the 10-strike policy’s existence but its spokesman Andy Stone as per Washington Post said that the company “quickly removes posts that violate its policy prohibiting gun sales and imposes increasingly severe penalties for repeat rule-breakers, including permanent account suspension.”


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