DSU made students sign NDAs to work on new coalition for campus safety

  • Delaware State University made anyone who wished to join its new Safe Space Coalition sign a confidentiality agreement first.
  • More than 100 students, parents, community members and employees form this coalition, according to the university.
  • This comes as university response continues to unfold in addressing recent student unrest concerning campus safety and the handling of sexual assault cases.

They crowded a table in the bustling student center, just days after a late-January protest. Comparing notes, swapping stories, drafting demands in hushed tones, their words steeped in an already restless campus atmosphere.

They had heard of a coalition forming to address concerns of safety and the handling of sexual assault cases. They heard students might get to lead it. Quickly, they agreed on their worst fear.

“I don’t want it to fizzle out,” Jayda Tate said to the group, heads nodding around her. “We don’t have the luxury of time at Delaware State.”

Hundreds already filed out of class, finding megaphones to speak out about feeling unsafe or not taken seriously when reporting assaults. Protesters made noise in Dover that would lead to community meetings, news coverage and discussion during a state budget hearing for the public, land-grant university.

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