Delaware Online staffers reveal their favorite stories

Perhaps the best thing we can say about 2021 is that it wasn’t 2020. 

And while COVID-19 continues to impact everything we do, in many respects we have adapted and learned to live our lives in a new way. 

This past year has been interesting – aren’t they all? It started with Joe Biden being inaugurated as president and is ending with COVID infections spiking yet again, stressing hospitals and health care workers.

In between, there has been a lot of great work done by the journalists at Delaware Online/The News Journal. What follows is their favorite stories of the year. In most cases it is stories they wrote, in some cases it is just their favorite story. 

In every case, they are stories only they could bring you, thanks to your support and that of the thousands of new people who subscribed in 2021. 

We can’t do it without you. And we look forward to 2022 and sharing more of the stories no one but Delaware Online can tell.

Enjoy these stories again and have a great holiday season and new year.

The Delaware photo that went viral

I had no idea a photo I snapped quickly in a Greenville cemetery and tweeted out on Jan. 20, 2021, just as the 46th president of the United States took his oath of office, would go viral and receive national and international attention.

But it did. And even a year later, the photo of a lone uniformed person at the grave of Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden, on the day of the president’s inauguration, is still being retweeted.

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