‘Damaging traditional Chinese culture’: China cancels Christmas to avoid ‘western’ influence

The Chinese government, mainly comprised of Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has ordered locals to not celebrate Christmas as it a ‘western celebration’.

A leaked document in the media revealed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ordered restrictions on all kinds of Christmas celebrations, including in places of worship.

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The initial reason for these restrictions is labelled to be surge in Covid cases in the country. It also states that there is a need of Sinicization that can help strictly forbid celebrating western culture, festivals and events, as per a report by Bitter Winter (a magazine on human rights and religious liberty).

“The day ‘Christmas’ or ‘Holy Night,’ which is coming, is imbued with deep Western religious culture. Some Western nations rely on their advanced technology and culture to spread their values and lifestyle in China, attracting our young people,” the document reads. “Some business enterprises also want to take advantages of this celebration for business, so they create the surrounding feeling and social impact of this Western ‘feast.’ This is damaging our traditional Chinese culture.”

However, the document also says that all ‘cosmetic’ celebrations that have been state-sanctioned in churches will not face these restrictions and a broadcast will be allowed for this.


The document, revealed by the magazine, was apparently circulated by Department of Education of Rong’an county in Liuzhou city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on December 20, and was meant to be kept a secret. It was, reportedly, titled ‘Spreading the Chinese traditional culture and forbidding Western festival celebrations.’

Department of Education has also “prohibit teachers and students from organizing any celebration event of this Western festival. We trust all teachers and students in school, especially but not limited to [Communist] Party members, will follow and obey the rule from the CCP Central Committee, thus becoming a model of spreading Chinese culture.”

In addition to reporting any Christmas event to the authorities, the department has also designated a special officer who will be responsible for handling all related complaints.

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