COVID-19: China’s Xinjiang suspends all passengers trains in an effort to control outbreak

It’s been over a year since China has been dealing with COVID-19. While many cities are now easing coronavirus restrictions, Xinjiang has suspended all passenger trains in an effort to stop the spread of the virus.

As per Xinjiang Daily, the authorities said that they are trying to stop the spread of the virus. Xinjiang’s vice chairman, Liu Sushe, said, “The outbreak that was effectively controlled by the end of August saw a rebound because people became relaxed and measures were not strictly put in place,” the South China Morning Post reported. 

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He further said that infection cases in various places have increased, making the situation difficult for authorities to handle. He further conveyed his apologies for the situation. 

Many workers in the region have tested positive for infection. The chairman claimed it was because of a lack of professionalism and low testing capabilities. 

Sushe said, “We have not been able to achieve dynamic zero Covid for more than two months because of the highly infectious BA.5.2 variant and the ineffectiveness of our control measures.”

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Residents in the area last month complained about the scarcity of food and supplies of necessities. 

The vice-mayor of Xinjiang has declared that no one will be allowed to leave the city, not even people with “reasons.”

Asian countries have been trying to achieve its zero-Covid but have totally failed till now. The authorities continue to impose harsh restrictions, which irritate and annoy the citizens. Has the Communist Party failed in its goal? Will China be able to achieve its Zero-Covid goal? 

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