Children’s book on paramedics aims to explain they are there to help

Jessica Mahon was pregnant last year when her bosses, as a precaution, sent her home in March 2020 to avoid coming into any possible contact with COVID-19. 

Mahon said a co-worker had asked her if she could write a children’s book to help explain to kids what paramedics do. So days after being sent home, the New Castle County Paramedic corporal decided she would write a book. 

“Might as well do something that the world needs,” Mahon said. 

New Castle County Paramedics Cpl. Jessica Mahon holds up a book she wrote to help explain to children with paramedics do.

By June of that year, Mahon had written, “Joel Meets the Paramedics,” a 24-page book geared towards young children.

The book, available on, follows a kid named Joel who one day gets into a bind at recess and paramedics take him to the hospital. On the ride, the young man learns what happens inside of an ambulance.

“A lot of people have reached out to me, that I don’t even know, and tell me ‘My kid loved it,’ ” she said. “I just think that’s cute.”

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